Attracting top talent to Abu Dhabi

In an effort to increase high-quality applicants, ADNOC embarked on an international recruitment campaign aimed to position ADNOC as a world-class employer amongst UAE nationals and international talent. In addition, to promote Abu Dhabi as a great place to work and live.

We interviewed and filmed a wide variety of ADNOC employees across the UAE in various roles and locations capturing a real sense of what it’s like to work for ADNOC and live in Abu Dhabi.

We filmed documentary-style, focusing on real people and their authentic experiences.

  • SECTORGovernment, Corporate
  • WHAT WE DIDWe managed the entire production process from pre-production to final delivery. This included creating the cinematic style, creative treatment, pre-production, pre-interviews, employee talking points, shot lists, scheduling, shoot logistics, filming, direction, editing, color grading, sound design, formatting, language translations, social media adaptations and final delivery.
  • DIRECTORHeather Sullivan