Showcasing Abu Dhabi’s luxury hospital
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi ‘Photo Shoot’

We managed the entire production of a large scale photo shoot throughout the hospital that captured realistic scenarios across all departments for a period of 8 shooting days with photographer, Celia Peterson.

We were responsible for all aspects of the shoot from pre-production to post production including the casting of 40 models, scheduling and overall shoot logistics. In order not to disturb the workings of a live hospital, we shot with a small yet highly experienced team.

We understand the sensitivities and constraints regarding working in a live public space.

  • CLIENTCleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
  • SECTORHealth & Medical, Lifestyle
  • WHAT WE DIDPre-production, casting, scheduling/logistics, photography production, photo retouching
  • PHOTOGRAPHYCelia Peterson