Norbert Vander

About Norbert
Norbert Vander is well-known for his automotive, technology and nature TVC’s and documentaries. He is a natural storyteller regardless of the brand or subject.

With automotive, view angles in combination with a stringent way of storytelling makes his films extraordinary and recognizable. As a result, Norbert works worldwide for global brands like Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Toyota, Bentley and Bugatti. But, his expertise as a director expands to technology and nature.

Clients like Bayer, ThyssenKrupp, Siemens or RWE are on his shortlist of big technology brands. Besides, the commercial business Norbert direct international awarded documentaries about ocean and sea life in stereoscopic 3D. Norbert has received many World Media Award Gold, Silver, Prix Victoria Silber, Cannes Corporate Silberner Delphin, OTTOCAR Gold, IPTV Award Gold many times over

Adidas ‘Take the Stage’
Bugatti Chiron ‘The Ultimate’
Audi S3 ‘Ski Acrobatics’
Audi RS Q3 ‘Sled Dogs’
IBM ‘Watson’
Kia Optima 'Sportswagon'
Porsche ‘Hide & Seek’